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Welcome to our Support & Service

Our commitment is to meet and exceed your needs. The Support & Service area is designed to provide a comprehensive and personalized support, from product selection to product maintenance. We are committed to ensuring an optimal experience, quickly and efficiently resolving any challenge you may encounter. Your success is our priority.


Our pre-sales process begins with a phone or video call discussion, followed by the preparation and finalisation of the offer. Our experienced engineers are on hand to analyse and understand your technical requirements, enabling you to identify the right product from our catalogue. Alternatively, thanks to our experience, we can work with you to design ad hoc solutions and integration of components according to your needs.

Prompt Delivery

Our Prompt Delivery (Emergency Stock) service ensures delivery within 3-5 working days of the following products:
• Bare shaft and monobloc pumps complete with motor;
• Strategic spare parts for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
CDR Pompe stands out as the only company in the magnetic drive pump sector to offer this exclusive service. We guarantee fast deliveries of centrifugal pumps, with advanced mechanical seal (single and double) and magnetic drive pump configurations. Our pumps are available both in AISI316 steel and with coatings in special materials such as PP, ETFE, PVDF and PFA.


Every pump produced by CDR Pompe undergoes rigorous testing with water and is accompanied by a detailed test report to ensure expected performance. Upon request, we also offer customised testing.
In the event of a technical failure, timely repair of a pump is crucial. CDR Pompe therefore offers a rapid repair service to minimise system downtime.
Routine maintenance will no longer be a problem with the support of our qualified personnel. Guaranteed services include:
• Repair and maintenance carried out in our specialised workshop;
• Verification and approval of each repaired or overhauled pump by our Testing Department, which issues a detailed report to prevent future problems;
• Personalised technical advice.
CDR Pompe offers a comprehensive service. At your request, we can provide direct on-site support during the plant start-up phase.


When you choose to align with our invoicing process or check your various existing contracts, you can be sure of receiving timely and effective assistance to handle all your needs. Our multilingual administration team is always ready to listen to you and complete the necessary documentation for your business.

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