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About Us


Pioneers of Fluid Technology since the 1950s.

Our Legacy

The foundations of excellence: CDR Pompe, whose roots date back to the early 1950s, has embarked on a journey that has positioned it as an Italian and international benchmark in the process pump industry. Initially established by the visionary Ferdinando Abordi, the company grew out of a family business, ‘ARI Pompe’, specialising in cast iron pumps for various sectors.

Evolution with a Purpose

Innovation at the forefront: The 1960s landscape demanded innovation, and our company responded by transforming into a dynamic entity focused on the production of stainless steel and special alloy pumps. This period marked the beginning of a new adventure for CDR Pompe in creating solutions for the sophisticated needs of industry, including the development of single-stage horizontal and vertical pumps adhering to the stringent DIN 24256 standards for the chemical industry

Present and Future

Our main focus is to design pumps capable of handling hazardous, corrosive and toxic liquids with maximum safety and reliability.
Today, CDR Pompe is among the leading manufacturers of process and utility pumps, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps and mechanical seal pumps. Our continuous research has driven our growth, fuelled by genuine word-of-mouth and references rooted in product excellence, pricing consistent with the technological complexities faced, and reliability through thousands of applications.

International recognition: Our continuous expansion and commitment to innovation has earned us international recognition, with business activities extending to over 50 countries through a robust distribution network and trusted partners. This presence underlines our reliability and the trust our customers place in our solutions

Advanced design techniques and diversified portfolio: CDR Pompe’s advanced design and construction features, combined with our extensive product portfolio including lined mechanical seal pumps; plastic, lined and metal magnetic drive pumps; and a specific model designed for fluids with suspended solids, allow us to offer complete solutions to every process industry.

Strengthening manufacturing companies: Our pumps are not simply products; they are the lifeblood of many manufacturing companies. From chemical and pharmaceutical applications to water treatment, our commitment to efficiency, reliability and sustainability is unwavering. CDR Pompe is dedicated to exceeding the demands of the most challenging environments, setting new benchmarks in fluid handling technology.

Join us on the path to innovation: As we look ahead, we invite you to be part of our journey of discovery where our legacy of innovation continues to lead the industry into the future. With CDR Pompe, the flow of progress never stops.

Vision, Mission and Value Proposition

Our vision of the future helps us define the way forward: Revolutionising the magnetic drive and mechanical seal pump industry through continuous innovation, aiming for ever more compact and efficient products. Our vision is to provide our customers with a lasting competitive advantage, constantly positioning them at the forefront of technology and sustainability

Our mission is to overcome pumping challenges in the process industry, by harnessing the power of performance technology. We strive to transform complexities into simple and efficient solutions for our customers, building on the solid foundation of our entrepreneurial history and the deep technical expertise of our team. Through an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive for a continuous increase in process safety and reliability, creating new solutions in the industry.

Our Promise: At the heart of our value proposition is an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Through our design and research & development, fuelled by cutting-edge technology, we offer technical solutions that set new standards in performance. Our organisational agility allows us to respond quickly to customer needs, guaranteeing not only products but also timely solutions.

Why choose CDR Pompe

Comprehensive Support: Our support is not limited to sales; it goes beyond that, ensuring pre- and post-purchase support focused entirely on the customer. We are here to guide you in selecting the most suitable product and to assist you at every stage of its life cycle. Immediate availability of spare parts and prompt delivery of pumps ensures that your processes continue to run smoothly, minimising downtime and optimising operational efficiency.

We are different: Beyond technology, the real strength of CDR Pompe lies in people. A team of dedicated professionals with deep industry knowledge and a commitment to excellence is what sets us apart. Our company culture values customer service, innovation and quality, ensuring that every interaction with us is not only satisfying but also inspiring.

Connected with the future: At CDR Pompe, we do not just follow the evolution of the industry; we lead it. With a future-oriented vision, we are committed to developing tomorrow’s solutions, today. Your trust in us fuels our passion for excellence, driving us to push the boundaries of what is possible. At CDR, you are not simply buying a pump; you are investing in a lasting partnership, enriched by impeccable support, continuous innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Because, in the end, your success is our success.

CDR Pompe: A History of Innovation and Tradition

Artisan Expertise, Industrial Vision

Release of the new Gamma DTN high performance magnetic drive coated pump on the international market, new internal management system and quality office for optimization of business processes and timing.

Global Recognition

CDR Pompe: A reference player on international markets: The passion for innovation and quality has led CDR Pompe to be recognized worldwide , now operating in over 54 countries with a strong network of distributors and partners.

A new era in Bollate

Inauguration of the new headquarters and the third generation: with the inauguration of the new headquarters in Bollate (MI) in 2017 and the entry into the company of Francesco and subsequently Gianluca, Maurizio’s sons, begins the era of the third generation at the helm of CDR Pompe.

Anticipate the market with lined pumps

Innovation of Lined chemical pumps: In 2000, CDR introduced the technology of Lined chemical pumps, once again placing itself at the forefront in responding to and anticipating the needs of the market.

A Commitment to quality

ISO 9001 certification: Continuous growth and constant commitment to innovation and satisfaction of the customer lead CDR Pompe to ISO 9001 certification in 1999, a recognition of the quality of its production processes and products.

International expansion

CDR Pompe conquers foreign markets: Between 1982 and 1985, CDR Pompe makes its way into European and non-European markets through collaborations with local distributors, marking the beginning of a fruitful international expansion.

Passing of the baton and revolution in magnetic drag

In 1977 Maurizio, Ferdinando’s son, took over the company and developed new products for the chemical industries and pharmaceuticals leading CDR, in 1978, to be one of the first Italian excellences in the production of pumps made of thermoplastic materials and magnetically driven metal alloys for dangerous, corrosive and toxic liquids.

Standardization and quality

Pumps according to DIN 24256 standards: At the beginning of the 1970s, CDR introduced centrifugal pumps compliant with DIN 24256 standards, intended for the chemical industry. A strategic move by Ferdinando which testifies to the constant search for excellence and innovation.

A new Identity and the first innovation

Change of name and focus on innovation: CDR Pompe was officially born in 1966, characterized by its logo representing an impeller. In those years, the need for increasingly advanced products pushed the company towards specialization in stainless steel pumps, special alloys and the first creations in plastic materials such as Polypropylene and PVC.

The Dawn of our company

The beginning of CDR Pompe: In the middle of the last century, Ferdinando Abordi, then a merchant, purchased the ARI Pompe company, giving life to a family business that focused on the production of cast iron pumps for domestic, agricultural and industrial applications.

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