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Custom-Made Pumps

Design and manufacture of vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps for the most critical applications

  • UTS-B IN LINE Single-stage centrifugal pump with magnetic drive in close-coupled design. Stainless steel wetted parts. These pumps could be installed directly on pipes. The suction and discharge connections are in-line.
  • CVN Vertical centrifugal pumps made of thermoplastic PP or PVDF (wetted parts). They are installed on a metal base plate, coated on the tank side, and coupled to the motor unit by means of an elastic coupling.
  • TMVN Single-stage centrifugal pumps with magnetic drive in vertical execution. Custom-made, wetted parts made of PVDF. These pumps are suitable for extremely hazardous and low NPSH applications.

– CDR has an engineering and R&D department that can meet with any requirement in many fields of application. Contact us to develop the right solution for your plant requirements, pumps available in stainless steel, PP, ETFE, PVDF and PFA.

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