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JUNO Project– China


JUNO project: CDR centrifugal pumps for the study of neutrinos in China


The JUNO project (Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory), an international experiment carried out with the collaboration of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), has been launched in China.

After supplying the first 7 centrifugal pumps in 2018, CDR Pompe is proud to be able to continue its collaboration with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) in China: no less than another 17 CDR centrifugal pumps will be supplied and used to drive a giant underground liquid scintillator neutrino detector, the construction of which began in 2015 and will start operation in 2021.

The project, which has an international scope and involves the collaboration of universities and research organisations from as many as 16 different countries, will use the same technology as the Borexino experiment at INFN’s Gran Sasso National Laboratories. Twenty thousand tonnes of scintillator liquid channelled into a sphere with a diameter of forty metres will be used to intercept neutrinos. Around it, twenty thousand 50ncm diameter photomultipliers will measure the interaction between neutrinos and liquid.