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XTN-BL – magnetic drive with open impeller

The X-Series is suitable for applications with corrosive, toxic or hazardous liquids where:

• the pumped liquids have a high concentration of solids, so the use of a standard mag drive pump would cause frequent clogging and failure;
• a pump conforming to ATEX regulations (ATEX Zone 1 internal and external) is required.

Circulation of the solid-particle-laden fluid is ensured by the large flow channels inside the pump. This ensures that the diamond bushings and the socket are properly cooled. The axial flushing hole in the impeller shaft also ensures a continuous exchange of pumped fluid between the socket and the volute.

Permissible temperature up to +160°.

Main technical specifications of the model:

Sealing System: Magnetic Drive
Design: EN 22858; ISO 2858; ISO 15783
Casing Material: PFA Lined
Bushings/Shaft Material: Diamond SSIC
Casing Type: Radially split-Volute Casing
Impeller Material: PFA Lined
Impeller Type: Open
Nozzle Position: End suction
Pull-out design: Yes
Heating Jacket: NA
Connection Type: Flange
Flange: UNI 1092-2 (ISO 7005-2) PN16RF
slotted to ANSI 150
Self-priming: Non-priming
Lubrication: NA
Maximum Pressure Rating @20°C: PN 16
Fluid Temperature Range: PFA: -50°C / +160°C
Maximum Head @ 2900 RPM: 60m
Maximum Flow Rate @ 2900 RPM: 70 m³/h
Viscosity Range: 0,5 cSt – 180cSt
Maximum Installed Power: 18,5 kW


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