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Technical documents

CCL – plastic lined mechanical seal

The pump model CCL/CCL-B features a lining of the wetted parts in PP (Polypropylene). The main features/strengths of this model are:

Possibility of mounting single and double mechanical seals;
Closed and open radial impellers;
The shaft sleeve has a stainless steel core coated by transfer moulding in polypropylene;
The CCL range is available in long coupled design with the possibility, via flexible coupling, to be coupled to B3 motors and in close coupled design with motors in B5 frame.

Main technical specifications of the model:

Sealing System: Mechanical Seal
Design: EN 22858, ISO 2858; ISO 5199
Casing Material: PP Lined
Casing Type: Radially split-Volute Casing
Impeller Material: PP Lined
Impeller Type: Closed; Radial
Nozzle Position: End suction
Pull-out Design: Yes
Heating Jacket: NA
Connection Type: Flange
Flanges: UNI 1092-2 (ISO 7005-2) PN16RF
slotted to ANSI 150
Self-priming: Non-priming
Lubrication: Oil lubrication
Maximum Pressure Rating @20°C: PN 16
Fluid Temperature Range: PP: -10°C / +70°C
Maximum Head @2900 RPM: 75 m
Maximum Flow Rate @2900 RPM: 250 m3/h
Viscosity Range: 0,5 cSt – 180 cSt
Maximum Installed Power: 55 kW


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