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HTN – magnetic drive, peripheral lined pump

Plastic version of the ‘H’ range. Guarantees use in heavy-duty fields and in contact with hazardous and corrosive liquids. Particularly in demand in all those applications with low flow rates but high heads, the HTN represents the elite of horizontal turbine pumps. Available in PP and PVDF versions.

Main technical specifications of the model:

Sealing System: Magnetic Drive
Design: Standard Manufacturer
Casing Material: PP – PVDF
Bushings/Shaft Material: SSIC / Graphite / Ceramic / PTFE – Carbon
Casing Type: Positive displacement
Impeller Material: PVDF
Impeller Type: Side Channel Impeller
Nozzle position: Side suction
Execution: Horizontal – Close-Coupled
Pull-out design: Yes
Heating Jacket: NA
Connection Type: Threaded or flanged execution
Flanges: UNIPN16RF
Self-priming: NA
Lubrication: NA
Maximum Pressure Rating @20°C: 10bar
Fluid Temperature Range: -10°C / +80°C
Maximum Head @ 2900 RPM: 75m
Maximum Flow Rate @ 2900 RPM: 5 m³/h
Viscosity Range: 0,5 cSt – 150 cSt
Maximum Installed Power: 7,5 kW


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