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Technical documents

HTS – stainless steel magnetic drive

The ‘H’ series was created to meet demands for low flow rates and high heads. This steel turbine pump, suitable for heavy-duty use, finds application in many market sectors and is capable of achieving performances up to 170m of head.

Available in close-coupled execution.

Main technical features of the model:

Sealing System: Magnetic Drive
Design: Standard Manufacturer
Standard: Standard Manufacturer
Casing Material: 1.4408
Bushings/Shaft Material: SSIC / Graphite / Peek / PTFE – Carbon
Casing Type: Positive displacement
Impeller Material: 1.4408
Impeller Type: Side Channel Impeller
Nozzle Position: Side suction
Execution: Horizontal – Close-Coupled
Pull-out design: Yes
Heating Jacket: NA
Connection Type: GAS – Flange
Flange: UNIPN16RF
Self-priming: NA
Lubrication: NA
Maximum Pressure Rating @20°C: 20bar
Fluid Temperature Range: -30° C / +180°C
Maximum Head @ 2900 RPM: 170m
Maximum Flow Rate @ 2900 RPM: 5 m³/h
Viscosity Range: 0,5 cSt – 180 cSt
Maximum Installed Power: 7,5 kW


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