Cosmetic industry produces all those ingredients addressed to the derma, teeth and mucous membranes with the aim to clean, moisture, perfume and keep in good health.

Our centrifugal pumps are successfully installed on the cosmetics plant, supporting the continuous research for new formulas and new production technologies. The pumps recommended are ETN EVO and ETS.

The centrifugal pump ETN EVO in ETFE has the great advantage that this material has high compatibility with almost any fluid used in cosmetics. ETN EVO is suitable for many different processes, such as batch, charge/discharge, and pump acids/bases.

Cosmetic industry is in huge expansion as a business, it will soon equal pharmaceutic industry, and for both mag drive pumps are safer more appropriate for high standards.

ETS are sub-ISO 2858, that is why it is possible to have a high quality product at a convenient price.

centrifugal pump cosmetic industry