Lined Mechanical Seal

The pumps in lined mechanical seals have the shaft directly connected to the impeller, which rotates thanks to the rotation of the electric motor.

The conical stuffing box gives the possibility of mounting different types of mechanical seals (single mechanical seals PLAN 02 or 02-62, double mechanical seals PLAN 53 / A or 54).
Unlike the magnetic drive pumps that guarantee zero losses towards the atmosphere, the mechanical seal pumps cannot be free of leakages as they always requires a liquid film to lubricate the seal faces. However, mechanical seal pumps are suitbale for pumping slightly dirty liquids with suspended particles.
Suitable for pumping corrosive, aggressive and dangerous liquids (slightly contaminated, clean, with low viscosity) the lined mechanical seal pumps find their applications in the pharmaceutical industries, in basic chemical and fine chemical processes, in air and waste water treatment plants and in the production of agro-chemicals and fertilizers.