CDR Pompe e Motori origins are dated before WW II. Beginning in the early 50’ s, Mr. Ferdinando Abordi acquired “ARI Pompe”, a family business company,which production was based on cast iron pumps designed for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses.
In the mid 60’ s the evolving market was requiring new and sophisticated product, and its founder transformed the Company into a flexible structure, dedicated to special constructions and began to manufacture stainless steel and special alloy pumps. Later on, was also started the production of horizontal and vertical, single stage pumps in accordance with DIN 24256 standards for the chemical industry.

In the early 70’s, CDR decided to extend its production to pumps made from plastic materials.
At the end of 1977, Mr. Maurizio Abordi, son of Mr. Ferdinando Abordi, took the leadership of the company and started developing new products and solution, focusing on chemical and pharmaceutical industry applications most of all.
In 1978 a major milestone in CDR history was laid into production with the first plastic and metallic magnetic driven pumps.

The ISO 9001 certification was achieved in 1999.
In 2002 CDR Pompe developed the first lined plastic pump and launched the ETN-L pump in PP and ETFE, designed for tanker unloading duties for toxic and corrosive liquids. In 2004 it was created the ETS (an equivalent pump but in AISI 316). Both sub-ISO models will reveal to be very convenient thanks to their price/quality ratio. In the same year it was introduced, as better quality material, the PFA: it was available for all processed line models ISO 2858/5199 like magnetic drive and mechanical seal.

CDR’s remarkable growth during the years has been driven by genuine word-of-mouth and recommendations based on our product excellence, prices fairness and the successfull service reliability in thousend applications.
After many years of methodic and extensive coverage of the Italian market, CDR spent the last years focusing on the improvement of the foreign market and the existing dealers network with renewed enthusiasm.

Today the continous growth of CDR has been possible thanks to the solid experience of 50 years that every day gives us the chance to look forward at the future meeting the challenges in a costantly evolving market.
Our philosophy is simple – we never rest on our laurels.
We work closely together with Distributors, in order to perfectly understand customers’ requests proposing them the most adequate product for their service.
We are constantly looking forward to improve ourselves and introducing new reliable technological solutions to be added to our range without loosing sight of the excellent customer service that permetted us to gain a loyal and ever growing custom.

2017 – Construction of new CDR headquarters, 600 m2 of comfortable offices and a 2000 m2 of workshop, a structure designed to meet the needs of a modern manufacturing company. The new CDR plant is placed in the industrial area of Bollate, among the streets dedicated to famous italian painters. Canova, Giotto and Sanzio. More precisely, it is situated in Via Raffaello Sanzio, painter and architect, one of the most important figures of Italian Rinascimento. Taking inspiration from this period of italian history, the owner decided to donate to CDR a new splendour through this important investment. The headquarters will represent the way walked during these last 50 years of history and will give the birth to our new ideas. Spaces and layouts are thought to improve production flows and to create an exciting place, where to work. Customers and suppliers will be received in a pure and elegant atmosphere because this reflects our new company policy. Customer must always be threated with the best consideration ever and everybody has to work focusing the own attention on customesr requests’ satisfaction and interpreting their needs to provide right products and services.