Thanks to our policy “customer oriented”, during the last years CDR decided to invest big efforts on customer service operations. In this way we could focus on 4 essentials keypoints:

  1. Solve all the problems the customer may face in the use and maintenance of our pumps in the fastest way possible and with the due accuracy;
  2. Create a confidential relationship between supplier and customer to get a non-stop growing of the company know-how. CDR designs and produces pumps, but the continuous improvement is possible only thanks to our customers’ feedback;
  3. Make our workshop always much more efficient with a continuous training of our workers specialized in pumps’ assembly/disassembly. Reparation timing are very short thanks to a strategic spare parts stock. Diagnosis reports of damages complete with pictures and advises for a correct pump use complete our reparation offers;
  4. Availability of a strategic spare parts stock to solve possible emergencies and avoid unpleasant downtimes.

An important news that once again allows us to provide an excellent support to our customers is preventive maintenance. For each single customer we are able to study a specific maintenance program with the aim of reducing maintenance costs and plant shut-down.

CDR Pompe is always supplying original spare parts, manufactured by keeping the correct tolerances and the correct clearances, thus ensuring interchangeability.

Our Sales Office is able to reply within 24 hours to spare parts inquiries, in order to provide quick responses and deliveries to all our customers, anywhere in the world.

With its technicians CDR Pompe is able to provide any kind of technical advise as well as assistance and support on the plant.


Pump repair and maintenance in our


On-site assistance

Design of any solution according to customer’s needs

Dedicated technical consultancy

Contracts for scheduled maintenance works or extraordinary maintenance works upon request



On-site assistance


Witnessed and non-witnessed tests on all the pumps in our test bench



Pre-commissioning and commissioning


Replacement of pumps and spares

Erection supervision