Magnetic Drive

Normal sealing systems (single or double mechanical seals), even if they are more and more sophisticated and complex, are not able to provide adequate safety on very hazardous services such as pumping of acids, bases and solvents.

In these cases, the risk of leakages could become a problem, especially in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, which are always looking for very high safety standards.
For this reason, CDR has designed the magnetic drive centrifugal pump.

In the mag drive execution the shaft does not drive the impeller directly, but two permanent magnets (an internal magnet and an external magnet) that never come in contact with each other, but are moved by magnetic interaction. In the space left free between the magnets, there is an isolation shell that prevents the liquid to leak out of the pump.
Plastic lined pumps are process pumps suitable for working with all types of acids and bases normally used in the chemical industry.
The main applications of plastic lined pumps are basic chemical processes, fine chemicals and processes for the production of pharmaceutical and active pharmaceuticals ingredients.