Enhanced energy efficiency for centrifugal pumps

CDR Pompe introduces a new isolation shell for metallic pumps to reduce energy consumption

Energy-saving it is one of the main themes nowadays, and sure it will lead the existing industrial processes to a  deep transformation in the next future. Through new and more effective solutions, the aim is still to the develop qualitative products, but on the same time keeping an eye on sustainability and the effects on the environment. The energy-saving and the efficiency are consequently hot topics for all industral companies: they are constantly striving for decreasing costs, ensure safest workplaces, and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

For CDR, increasing the centrifugal pump’s energy efficiency it is an aspect of great importance. According to EU latest surveys, centrifugal pumps are representing about 20% of energy consumption of motor-driven systems. Optimizing pumping systems can lead to a saving of over 10 billion kWh a year.

CDR is always putting many efforts in meeting the market’s demand, not only by providing reliable solutions and outstanding customer service, but also investing on innovative technologies and new materials: a clear example it is the ceramic isolation shell in ZrO2 Zirconium Oxide that CDR can offer instead of the traditional Hastelloy metallic shell.

Thanks to the high specific resistance of the ceramic material (1010 Ωmm2/m), this ZrO2 shell can totally eliminate eddy currents: as a result, the pump’s efficiency rate increases considerably. ZrO2 Zirconium Oxide has proved to be an ideal ceramic-based material with many advantages: high fracture strength, wear hardness, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal-shock resistance.

Energy saving by eliminating eddy currents for a continuous process pump (motor size 11 kW)

ZrO isolation

This ZrO2 isolation shell helps to drastically reduce internal temperature level and extend considerably the pump’s life. As the temperature aspect affect the whole industrial process, this isolation shell can real make the difference in application fields wherein it is crucial to ensure a certain temperature level, especially in the chemical industry.

RunSafe Sic and zirconium oxide isolation shell the solution against dry running

CDR carried out a tank unloading test on the UTS 80-50-200 HE pump, equipped with Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide (Run Safe Sic) bushes: the test gave an outstanding result in terms of pump’s endurance under dry running conditions.

And more: the same test, carried out with the Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide bushes, plus adding the Zirconium Oxide isolation shell introduced before, gave even more surprisingly results.

The pump ran dry for 534 minutes before breaking!

The main reason of this great achievement has to be found in leak of temperature increase inside the pump. By using these materials, liquid inside the pump does not completely evaporate, allowing the lubrication of the bushes and then prolonging considerably the pump’s life in case of dry running.

boccole per efficienza pompe centrifughe