What are the benefits of lined pumps?

Maintenance, efficiency, durability: why to use lined pumps and the importance of the most suitable coating material.

 The factors that negatively contribute to the life and efficiency of a centrifugal pump are different. After misuse by the user and poor maintenance, the quality of the coating plays a decisive role.


Choice of the correct lining
The main problem is due to the poor compatibility with the liquids handled. For example, the pumping of petroleum, aggressive acids / bases, sea water, together with particular meteorological or temperature conditions, can quickly damage lining which is not compatible.
Chemically compatible and mechanically resistant coatings are needed to cope with these adverse factors and to ensure an acceptable life-time of the pump. The coatings must therefore be selected considering the following features:

  • Chemical compatibility: to avoid erosion by chemical substances (eg acids / bases, solvents, etc.), great care must be taken in selecting the material of which the centrifugal pump is made. If the most common macro families are essentially divided into metal and plastic, there are many compositions and subtypes that must be carefully chosen according to the compatibility and the offered resistance properties.
  • Max temperature: extreme conditions, natural or processing, can trigger or accelerate chemical aggression and wear of the metal parts.
  • Abrasion resistance: there are liquids that contain dust or particles, which under certain conditions of use can act by removing material and eroding the mechanical parts of the pump. Strong metallic coatings or special protective plastic materials provide a barrier that increases abrasion resistance
  • Mechanical stresses: the metal or coated parts must also be selected considering the mechanical limits of the material; they must withstand the intense pressure, stresses (eg torque, torsion, etc.) that could compromise the life of the equipment.
  • Protection from the external environment: in addition to the internal protection of the pump against the process liquid, the aggressiveness of the external environment must also be considered. In particular industrial contexts, it is necessary to protect the external surface of the pump, if placed for example in the presence of corrosive vapors, high salinity environments, etc. Rust is typically one of the most common corrosion factors. The external coating is then selected by identifying the correct protective paint and the most suitable thickness.
CDR-pompe centrifughe rivestite

The use of the correct coating has been shown to not only improve pump performance, but maintain it throughout its life cycle, with minimal maintenance.
 The use of lined pumps therefore helps to increase and maintain good hydraulic efficiency for long time, as well as to reduce maintenance costs.

CDR lined pumps
 CDR manufactures and markets two families of Made in Italy centrifugal coated pumps, both with mechanical seal and magnetic drive.
Mechanical seal models, also effective with liquids with a moderate presence of particles, are referred to as:

  • UCL / UCL-B: single-stage process centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal lined in plastic and fluoroplastic material. Available materials: PP (polypropylene), PVDF (polyvinyl fluoride), PFA (perfluoroalkoxy).
  • CCL / CCL-B: single-stage process centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal lined in plastic material. Available materials: PP (polypropylene), Execution on base (CCL) and monobloc (CCL-B).

For magnetic drive pumps, which guarantee the safety of a complete containment of the pumped liquids, CDR Pompe instead offers the following range: 

  • ETN: magnetic drive single-stage centrifugal pumps lined in plastic and fluoroplastic material. Available materials: PP (polypropylene) and ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene). These are low-duty pumps used mainly for tank unloading and unloading services.
  • UTN-BL / UTN-L: single-stage magnetic drive centrifugal process pumps lined in plastic and fluoroplastic material. Available materials: PP (polypropylene), PVDF (polyvinyl fluoride), PFA (perfluoroalkoxy). These are heavy duty pumps used mainly on continuous services and are available both in the monobloc version and in the long-coupled execution.

If you are interested in CDR lined centrifugal pumps, please contact our sales department for further information.