RunSafe Sic: the dry running solution for magnetic drive pump

One of the defects of the silicon carbide bushes that are traditionally mounted on magnetic drive pumps is the poor resistance to dry running. Mag drive pumps are highly secure and reliable machines and the bushes usually work with low friction, if the centrifugal pumps are used correctly.

However, when there is a risk of dry run or there is a lack in pump lubrication, the heat generated by the friction between the bushes raises so much the temperature inside the pump that the standard SiC bushes become damaged within a few seconds. CDR Pompe has developed a solution that allows to protect the pump against dry running or against a non correct start-up of the centrifugal pumps. This solution consists of a layer of amorphous material with a crystalline diamond coating on the SiC surfaces of the bushes applied by a special chemical-physical process that guarantees the continuous and solid adhesion of the coating itself.

The so obtained RunSafe SiC rotating bushes, axial thrusts and shafts ensure an impressive reduction in the coefficient of friction compared to the same components made in traditional SiC (0.04 μrs of RSSiC instead of 0.4 to 0.7 μrs of SiC), while maintaining a high resistance to corrosion and wear. The reduced friction coefficient (about 80%) of the bushes results in a decrease in heat generated under critical running conditions, dry running or poor lubrication, thus preventing the classic wear of the bushes. RSSIC bushes are available on the following pump models: ETNevo, UTN, UTS.