Ready stock service

Replacing your pumps in 3 working days.

A new initiative that CDR realized to avoid production downtime caused by pump failures.  

Thanks to the experience gained in all these years, CDR is now able to carry out all the countermeasures avoiding to customers unpleasant situations and potential economic damages. Providing a 360° service, CDR has made available for customers a dedicated warehouse of ready stock pumps in quick delivery service. In just about four hours, CDR engineers are able to provide immediate assistance, identify the issue, and if it’s the case, proceed with the repair or the replace of the pump.  

Having a wide range of pumps that can cover the majorities of sizes and applications, CDR is able to offer a prompt assistance on whatever pump failures and find out the best suitable solution. In three working days CDR can replace any type of damaged pump, even from another manufacturer. This is remarkable if we consider that on average a manufacturer can provide a centrifugal pump in 8 weeks.  

The prompt delivery service in 3 days ex-works has also the advantage to not adding any surcharge price: just the list price without the discount. Moreover, CDR also guarantees this ready stock service also in August -with the exception of week from 13th to 24th- during which period the production department will be observing a summer closure.  

Your pumps just can’t afford to have a break!