Emergency call: centrifugal pump repaired in 24 hours, and the downtime is avoided

Do you want to protect yourself from Downtime? With CDR Pompe you can! Here a case study: a long-time customers of ours contact us for an emergency, the centrifugal pump installed doesn’t work. Our customers brings its pump to our warehouse, CDR get at the root cause and the very next morning gives the repaired pump back to a happy customer. This way an expensive downtime has been avoided.

Centrifugal pump repaired in 24 hours

How is that possible? Thanks to our fast intervention team and our fast delivery spares’ stock! Once the problem has been solved, our engineers went for a visit to the plant to make a report on the possible causes and assist our customer in order to avoid the improper use of the centrifugal pumps which may generate malfunctions.

Let’s take a step back to understand our approach:

The centrifugal pump which has been repaired is used for 2 types of services. The first one is about the recirculation in a tank of a water based solution + H2SO4 at 10 %, with a cycle of 20 minutes (100 minutes every 30 hours as a total) with an estimated discharge head < 3 m. The second one is about transfer of H2SO4 at 10 % into a storage tank, based on the departments’ need, with an estimated discharge head < 10 m.

Once the centrifugal pump has been repaired, it has been put on duty and, thanks to the manometer installed on the pump, pressure has been registered: 1 Bar scarce Closing the valve gradually, pressure has been brought to 1,6 – 1,7 Bar, as recommended for a proper use by our report. After 20 minutes, once the dilution has been done, the centrifugal pump has been stopped to close the circuit and. Later on, the discharge of the storage tank has been opened up.

Pumps ready for delivery