Magnetic drive pumps:
a success all Made in Italy

CDR Pompe introduces models XTN and XTS: a cutting-edge solution designed for liquid with suspended solids.

In 2015, one of the most important CDR Pompe customer issued a challenge: to create a pump able to withstand the presence of solids, suitable for heavy duty processes, safe and reliable enough to avoid cloggings or breakages tipical of centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals, and minimize production stops.

Starting from these inputs CDR developed an innovative magnetic drive pump that it is able to handle fluids with a certain content of suspended solids. Made it in a short time and tested directly on the working site, the mag driven pump achieved in less than a year outstanding results: no emission and no production stops, without any mechanical seal or external flushing: a real revolution!

Currently solution seen on the market are using an external filter installed on the pump outlet. The suspended solids are thus blocked by the filter, that avoid the contact of the particles with the bushings. Before introducing this revolutionary pump series, CDR proposed a work-around, installing a double mechanical seal –on the UCL series- combined with the external flushing barrel: this allows enough reliability, and zero emissions during the fluid transfer.

Anyway the weak point of this solution may be revealed in case of mechanical seal’s failure: in this case the leakage of the barrier fluid contaminate the processed liquid and all the mixed solution has to be irremediably scrapped out, a very onerous task in term of time and money.

How does magnetic drive centrifugal pumps work?

With these new pumps, CDR has completely overcome the critical points above mentioned. The main operating principle of the XTN and XTS pumps is to facilitate the free circulation of suspended solids. All internal passages between rotating and the static parts have been designed in a way that no solid particles can block the recirculating flow.

CDR designed completely open news impellers, that guarantee the circulation of liquid without any cloggings. Also the impeller’s shape drastically reduces the axial thrusts, normally present with closed impellers.

For the first time an impeller of this type is installed on a magnetic drive pump: it is made as a single piece in PFA material lined on a steel frame, without any welding point or gaskets.

New bushes have been also specifically designed with generous canals to facilitate the free circulation of solids. The pure silicon carbide brings excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. The diamond-like-carbon surface treatment also guarantees an excellent resistance against dry running, by reducing up to 90% the friction generated between rotating and static bushings.

XTN and XTS pumps have been realized with these innovative solutions to ensure process safety and the reliability, even in case of liquids with suspended solids. A real revolution for the magnetic driven pumps, now realized by CDR in two types: PFA version (XTN) and in SS316 version (XTS).

XTN centrifugal pump