Industrial fumes purification: health systems in workplaces

 Centrifugal pumps involved in the removal of pollutants in the air.

Abatement systems are very important in the industrial environment to reduce the amount of polluting substances released in the air during production processes. They are used to guarantee a safe workplace, particularly in companies where mechanical works are carried out. 

However, there are many and different industrial processes that generate gases, i.e. compounds formed by carbon particles sometimes with the addition of elements that are not completely burned. If these fumes are the result of incomplete combustion, they can contain an important concentration of flammable compounds, with very high danger (they are toxic and harmful) which also depends on the type of material and workmanship to which it is subject. 

The fume abatement process

Blast chilling serves to prevent these dangerous fumes from dispersing in the workplace. The purification method changes from company to company and is chosen only after a preliminary examination of the production process. This analysis must be carried out with the cooperation of the company security manager and in compliance with the law 626/94 and the Consolidated Security Act - D.L. 81/2008.

Fume abatement is the consequence of a detailed analysis of the materials and of the related production process. Only after a preliminary examination, carried out with the cooperation of the company safety manager, it is possible to indicate which are the main requirements and the most suitable plants for reducing the concentration of harmful substances.

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Abatement systems of pollutants: 3 different applications

Abatement systems can be divided into three different categories based on different applications:

Pollutants can be recovered and recycled, as a matter of economic efficiency and re-used in the production processes, such as absorption or condensation. If the pollutants present in the emissions have a good calorific value, it is possible to proceed with incineration to recover their thermal energy. In case of gaseous emissions rich in particulates, the reduction of pollutants can be obtained by means of deposition chambers, cyclones, wet separators, electrostatic precipitators, textile filters or absorption columns. 

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The scrubbers are part of the absorption columns, devices that reduce the concentration of substances present in a gas flow, usually acids and acidic micropollutants, dissolving them in a liquid (water, different aqueous solutions - acidic, alkaline - organic solvents, etc.). In this type of plants it is necessary to take into account the problems caused by scaling and corrosion due to the additives used in the purification process. The components chosen for the plant, including the centrifugal pumps, must therefore be particularly resistant.

As pumping systems foreseen in this type of applications, CDR Pompe proposes:

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