Covid-19, phase 2: the relaunch starts from the added value

The reliability of the product and the speed of delivery to face the new phase of the fight against Covid-19.

Thanks to smart working and contingent work policies, in phase 1 we successfully managed to maintain a constant level of service to our customers. We continued to work with reduced staff, in compliance with the safety and health standards of all employees, producing only for companies in the strategic sectors (chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.) that could operate, always guaranteeing full compliance with the instructions set out from our government.

From May 4th, we entered the phase 2: companies in the metalworking sector such as ours, and more and more companies operating in other areas, have the opportunity to resume business.

The situation should also beĀ settled on the foreign front: in many countries we observe a positive reduction of restrictions, as well as a gradual recovery of activities, which will give us the opportunity to resume and continue our growth.

The quality of the work, the attention to the service and the reliability of our products, features that distinguish us, have allowed us to face this complex period with decision and confidence. Above all thanks to:

  • The investment in setting up our warehouse in order to guarantee prompt delivery of pumps and spare parts in 3 working days.
  • The production of tailor-made centrifugal pumps, configured according to the main features of the service.
  • Investment in the most modern design tools.
  • The investment in the renewal of machinery, increasingly advanced. Two examples are the new welding machine and the new torque meter which allows to test the pumps up to a power of 90 kw.

From a strategic and commercial point of view, in the last two years our distribution network has expanded considerably both in Italy (in Puglia, Sardinia and Tuscany) and, in particular, abroad, with penetration in the complex German market, and coverage of other territories of the Balkan region.

We are therefore proud to be able to offer concrete, reliable and Made in Italy solutions - in all countries of the European Union.