Centrifugal Pump for special applications

The custom made product for specific process’ requirements

CDR Pompe designs its centrifugal pumps  around its clients’ requests, offering pumps which can handle fluids on a wide range of temperature.

Centrifugal Pump pharmaceutical industry

Recently we manufactured several mag drive centrifugal pumps for a client leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Those pumps will be employed for thermoregulation in the pharmaceutical process, in particular those mag drive UTS pumps will be used to pump diathermic oil from -85° C up to +140° C. Our client will employ our metallic mag drive centrifugal pumps for its plant’s thermoregulation process, going through different stages of temperature starting from -85° C up to -15°/+20°/+140° C.

This is possible thanks to our stainless steel lantern (AISI 316) which, contrary to the cast iron one, does not get fragile when working with low temperature.

Usually cast iron resilience decreases working with low temperature causing resulting damages and breakages ,due to the fragility gained by the material during the temperature bounces.

That can be totally avoid thanks to stainless steel lantern. This kind of centrifugal pump is highly versatile and adaptable to several applications in terms of thermoregulation, it allows to pump fluids from -100°C fino a + 300°C.

The UTS’ configuration including stainless steel lantern represents the outcome from our continuous commitment and investments sustained to give our customers a product which is custom-made around its needs.  

Magnetic Drive Metallic Centrifugal Pump