CDR Pompe continues its investment in technology Made in Italy

A few months after the installation of the new thermoplastic welding machine, CDR Pompe is still investing in the technological updating of its machinery with the aim of expanding the area dedicated to the testing of centrifugal pumps.

Two new electrical devices have been introduced:

  • A third test bench, which is added to the other two smaller ones already in use in CDR Pompe
  • A new electrical panelwith frequency converter

The new electrical instrumentation will allow to test centrifugal pumps up to a maximum power of 90 kW.

Each pump assembled in our workshop, in fact, undergoes the acceptance test on the working point. Therefore, CDR Pompe has decided to invest in a new test bench (torque meter) that connects the pump to the electric motor and measures the power consumption at pump shaft, to guarantee ever greater reliability and product quality.

Torque meter: how does it work?

The functionality of the new torque meters is to measure the power consumption at pump shaft to obtain a more precise measurement than the calculations made considering the efficiency of each electric motor.

The result is to have more precise commercial curves and at the same time to improve the development of new prototypes and new products through a faster and more reliable measurements of pump performances and power consumption.

CDR Pompe is aimed to optimize production, reaching ever higher quality levels and the investments in its production area are the starting point for this goal. Contact us for more information.

Centrifugal pumps torque meter