CDR Pompe: the new website customer first is online

A renewed graphic for a better user experience

A complete reinterpretation of the site in a modern way.

CDR pompe is pleased to introduce the new website. A complete graphic and content review. The site is an entry point for an exciting brand experience : for each product it has been possible to implement data sheets, images, catalogues, graphics, performance data and more complete technical tables.

An absolute news, a fully responsive site, for top surfing experience from smartphones and tablets. Designed with the aim of improving the user experience, ensuring a smoother surfing between the various contents. As CDR is oriented to international markets, we have deciceded to publish the website in 3 languages, ​​to create more interaction and involvement with all our customers.

In there is also a News section. This need was born to give more voice to the company. The section will be periodically fed with various contents, articles and news. This space will also be dedicated to exhibitions and events of interest for our markets and customers.

Thanks to this new layout, the website sections have been reorganized to give more visibility to the products, introducing new centrifugal pumps series and finally an Applications section, where it is possible to get more and detailed information about the apllications where all the products of the brand may be installed.

New CDR Pompe website

The site is fully customer oriented and introduces an interactive section to find our sales partners worldwide. Thanks to the addition of this section, it is possible to find the right support anywhere in the world.

A real reconstruction of the web content management system structure, a reorganization of product sections to improve customers’ experience on the company website.