Two and a half years from the move to the new headquarters in Bollate, CDR Pompe does not stop and invests in a perspective of continuous technological updating.

After moving to a completely renovated property, with open-space offices, a large and bright production hall, now CDR POMPE is dedicated to the renovation of historical machinery.

CDR Pompe turned to the world leader in plastic welding technology for the purchase of a new welding machine.This machine operates on servo-assisted guides and allows the welding of thermoplastic components through a contact heating element.Thanks to this innovative mechanism, the control of the welding process has been implemented, the production time has been reduced but above all, the quality of the product has significantly increased.

CDR Pompe can therefore weld thermoplastic and fluorinated components in complete safety, guaranteeing excellent quality of the finished product.CDR Pompe operates with a view to optimizing production, reaching ever higher quality levels and investments in its production area are the starting point for this goal.