CDR Pompe offers high education to its customers

CDR Pompe courses, led by Engineer Marrani, guarantee the best training to their users for a proper mode of operation of the pumps mounted on the system.

CDR Pompe, in order to support its customers during post-sales, provides professional courses addressed to the employees who work on maintenance, production and engineering with the goal to give them the main concepts to guarantee a proper use of the pumps.

Starting from the basics, the course provides detailed information on how the magnetic drive works, how construction technology has been improved lately and the application recommended.

The main focus is based on the fundamental service details that the customers should provide to choose the correct dimension of the pumps.

Case history: thanks to the experience gained from many years of manufacturing, today our internal workshop can highlight the main damages caused by dry running and downtime. With some simple precautions it is possible to avoid damage and the resulting expenses for potential fixing up and downtime.

Post-sales assistance of CDR Pompe

For CDR Pompe the post-sales assistance is very important: We never leave our customers alone, We support them along the whole pump’s life.

To better suit our clients’ needs, we lead our courses both at CDR Pompe headquarters and at our customers’ company. Companies who join our courses benefit from tax breaks for employees’ continuing education training. For detailed information about our courses please contact us .

Marrani CDR Pompe