Active ingredients are the base for the pharmaceuticals formulas. For this reason, actives must have high quality and safety standards. The main products of pharmaceutical sector are organic mixtures with a specific chemical composition. The most used technology is the organic synthesis. The processes are mostly discontinuous (batch).

During the latest years, the use of organic products is spreading. Actives deriving from natural ingredients are increasingly used for mixtures, those frequently undergo fermentation. For this field, CDR Pompe mainly recommends 4 magnetic drive pumps: UTS, UTN, XTS, XTN.

UTS pump is a centrifugal pump perfect to work H24 with organic solvents, and it is particularly appropriate for hot/cold cycle. Our UTS can work from – 100° Celsius up to 300° C with diathermic oils (thermoregulation systems). The UTN is our PFA lined process pump perfect for continuous applications. UTN follows ISO 2858 e ISO 5199.

The result of the actives’ processing is usually a fluid with particles in suspension, called Slurry. In the past, slurry forced pharmaceutical industry to use pumps with a double mechanical seal, but today it is possible to use our X series to handle fluids with particles in suspension (XTS for fluids that requires stainless steel, XTN lined in PFA for almost any kind of fluid).

Usually magnetic drive pumps cannot handle fluids with particles but our pumps are designed to do that, a real innovation.

magnetic drive pump for pharmaceutical industry