Galvanic treatment comprehends processes with water solutions mixed with acids, bases, detergents and additives. Galvanic plant is composed by a series of tubs, each of them endowed with an automatic transport system which submerges and pull out the pieces, following the schedule for each treatment.

The galvanostegy is a technique which allows to cover a non-precious metal with a thin layer from another metal, a more precious one, throughout electrolytic deposition.

This cycle comprehends three stages:
  1. Preparation of the surfaces to treat
  2. Deposition of the metal cover
  3. Final treatments
The fluids normally used in the galvanic industry have compatibility with pumps lined with moplen (polypropylene), that is why the pumps recommended are CCL or ETN EVO in polypropylene.

The ETN EVO is a magnetic drive pump, so the shaft rotation is transmitted to the impeller throughout a magnetic coupling. The external magnet is integral with the motor, so it drags the internal magnet which is integral with the impeller. Without any direct contact it is created a motion taking advantage of magnets attraction and repulsion. The isolation shell guarantees that no leakage can occur.

CCL is the mechanical seal centrifugal pump lined with polypropylene. The shaft sleeve has a stainless steel core lined with polypropylene, in case of mechanical seal breakage it is possible to substitute the shaft sleeve and keeping the impeller, reducing the maintenance costs.

centrifugal pump for galvanic industry