Artificial and Synthetic fibers represents the 60% of the entire world fibers production. Artificial fibers are produced starting from natural raw materials. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are produced starting from different polymers, obtained through chemical synthesis. Plants are huge and working H24. Production is vertically integrated with traditional polymerization technologies and other technologies to transform polymers in fibers with a bow shape or a string one.

The centrifugal pumps used for fibers production are UTS and ETS, high resistance stainless steel pumps. UTS are high efficiency single stage magnetic drive pumps, available both monobloc (UTS-B) or bareshaft (UTS). UTS pumps are realized in stainless steel AISI 316, recommended for H24 applications. In fiber industries, our UTS pumps are successfully used for the thermoregulation process. Magnets can be made of neodymium boron iron or samarium cobalt depending on the fluid’s temperature. The Hastelloy-C 276 isolation shell guarantees high resistance to corrosion and minimum heat dispersion due to eddy current. UTS is the bareshaft version with installation on a basement, coupling and coupling guard with suitability B3. UTS centriful pump fluids in a wide range of temperature from - 100° to 300° Celsius.

ETS is a magnetic drive pump equipped with a micro-melted AISI 316 casing, highly resistant to corrosion, and an isolation shell in Hastelloy-C 276 to reduce Eddy Current. It is available as a monobloc for B5 motors. This type of pump is recommended with all those applications that requires compatibility with stainless steel.

The new XTS is the magnetic drive centrifugal pump perfect to move fluids with particles in suspension, realized with innovative technologies to improve efficiency, safety and reliability.

centrifugal pump for fibre processing