Refinery comprehends all those processes involved in fuel production, starting from oil. The products are gasoline, diesel, LPG, kerosene. Crude petrol must be cleaned out of Sulphur, which is later retrieved, and other substances which alter quality. Inside the distillation columns the temperature rises up to 360°-370° Celsius to convert heavy products in lighter ones with an higher quality. Hydrocarbons’ chains get broken to get gasoline, diesel, LPG, kerosene out of raw petrol. The residue gets burned throughout a higher temperature to get other fuel products. Then every product needs to be processed again to reach the final fuel (reforming, alkylation, esterification).

Centrifugal pumps recommended for these processes are UTS, UTN and UCL.

UTS are high efficiency single stage magnetic drive pumps, available both monobloc or bareshaft. UTS pumps are realized in stainless steel AISI 316 and mount oil bearing bracket, recommended for H24 applications. Stainless steel offers total compatibility with petrochemical products.

The magnetic drive pump UTS is recommended to move fluids up until 300° Celsius.

In case AISI 316 do not cover compatibility, we do produce UTN lined in PFA, PVDF or polypropylene. UTS has a simple design and a small number of parts in order to make maintenance easier. The plastic lining makes it particularly suitable for aggressive applications.

UCL is a lined pump with mechanical seal, available with lining in PFA, PVDF, and Polypropylene.

centrifugal pump for petrochemical processing