Pesticides are used in different fields with the aim to get living being and human health safe.Pesticides are mainly employed for protection and development of cultivation and livestock, for agricultural food chain, textile industry, wood industry.

For this, three main type of pumps are usually employed: UCL, ETN EVO, ETS.

  • UCL is a lined centrifugal pump with mechanical seal, which we manufacture with lining in PFA , PVDF or PP. Thanks to the lined wet parts, UCL pumps are perfect to handle corrosive and dangerous fluids. The lining minimum thickness is 4-5 mm. UCL pumps can mount single or double mechanical seals. Thanks to their modular design, those pumps mount a stainless steel shaft covered with PFA shaft sleeve.
  • ETN EVO is a magnetic drive pump lined in PP or ETFE.
  • ETS is a magnetic drive pump with a micro-melted AISI 316 steel casing, highly resistant to corrosion, and an isolation shell in Hastelloy-C 276 to reduce Eddy Current. This pump model is available in close coupled version, suitable for B5 motors and it is suitable for all those applications where a metallic pump is required.

centrifugal pump for production of pesticides