Purification plant is made up of different treatments to remove pollutants from discharge fluids. Pollutants removal is realized throughout chemical reactions (oxidation, neutralization), eventually matched to physical processes (absorption, stripping) to separate the insoluble part from the aqueous one. The centrifugal pumps used for water are usually CCL and UCL.

CCL is the mechanical seal centrifugal pump recommended for this kind of treatment. It can mount different type of mechanical seals and it is recommended for industrial applications which requires a polypropylene lined pump. The shaft sleeve has a stainless steel core lined with polypropylene; in case of mechanical seal leakage it is possible to replace the shaft sleeve without replacing the impeller, reducing the maintenance costs. Costs have been reduced replacing some lined components with machined ones.

UCL is a lined centrifugal pump with mechanical seal, which we manufacture with lining in PFA , PVDF or PP. Thanks to the lined wet parts, UCL pumps are perfect to handle corrosive and dangerous fluids. The lining minimum thickness is 4-5 mm. UCL pumps can mount single or double mechanical seals. Thanks to their modular design, those pumps mount a stainless steel shaft covered with PFA shaft sleeve.

Both pumps can move dirty fluids with small particles in suspension. If the fluids treated are clean, a magnetic drive pump can be used for the water treatment as well, like STN and ETN which are cheaper.

centrifugal pumps for water treatment