The industrial thermoregulation process is very important to control the temperature along the whole production process. In every industrial sector, from food-processing to chemical and pharmaceutical, from metallurgy to mechanic industry, from plastic to varnish production, from power generation to cryogenic, is essential to guarantee the right temperature which is as important as energy and raw material used.

Based on the temperature to set for each production cycle, the thermoregulation units are designed to work with different kind of fluids:

  • Antifreeze solutions, range of temperature -30°C/ +90°C
  • Water, range of temperature +5°C / +90°C
  • Diathermic oil, range of temperature +30°C / +180°C
  • Silicone based oils and synthetics, range of temperature -100 °C / +260 °C;
  • High temperature Diathermic oil, range of temperature +30°C / +350°C.
The centrifugal pumps recommended for this kind of application are UTS and XTS. UTS is a single stage centrifugal pump which guarantees high efficiency; the UTS pump is available in cose-coupled or bareshaft execution. UTS pumps are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and equipped with oil bracket support recommended for H24 applications. Magnets can be made of neodymium boron iron or samarium cobalt depending on the fluid’s temperature. The Hastelloy-C 276 isolation shell guarantees high resistance to corrosion and minimum heat dispersion due to eddy current. The inox feet are made through whole melting in order to achieve the maximum resistance to overload and a perfect alignment pump-motor. The UTS is the pump in bare-shaft execution: it is installed on a baeplate and connected to the motor through a coupling and a coupling guard; it is connected to B3 electric motors. UTS pumps can handle fluids in a wide range of temperature from -40° to 300° Celsius.

With a special execution for low temperature, UTS can pump fluids until a temperature of – 100° Celsius, thanks to lantern and external magnet in Aisi 304. This execution is successfully used in the cryogenic field. UTS-B is the close-coupled version that can be connected to electric motors in B5 frame, and can handle fluids from – 40° Celsius to 180°.

XTS is the magnetic drive pump perfect to move dirty diathermic oils (COKE), caused by cracking. When oil exceeds 220° Celsius, it gets dirty, but using an XTS it is not necessary to use filters. XTS can handle both fluids with small solids in suspension and high temperature.

centrifugal pump in thermoregulation processing