Pigments are primarily used to produce varnish, plastic, synthetic fibers, print ink, rubber and cosmetics. Varnish is a chemical composed by a solvent, which keeps it fluid, and a plasticizing component which keeps it elastic.

The most used centrifugal pumps in this field are those ones made of AISI 316. For this application ETS is recommended. ETS is a magnetic drive pump with micro-fused AISI casing highly resistant to corrosion, and an isolation shell in in Hastelloy-C 276 to reduce Eddy Current. This pump is available in monobloc version for motors B5.

In case a plastic lining is needed, the right choice is a UTN-BL, recommended for great durability even for 24H applications.

For dirty fluids XTN is highly recommended. This new magnetic drive pump can handle aggressive fluids with particles in suspension, it mount an open impeller and bushings in diamond coated silicon carbide.

magnetic drive centrifugal pumps for painting industry