Fertilizer sector is characterized by two main areas of business. The first one is about “commodities”, that is to say synthetic products like methane (production of ammonia, urea, and ammonium nitrate), sulphuric acid, phosphate rocks, eventually matched with potassium. The fertilizers obtained can result from a process of synthesis or a mixing one, depending on the technology applied. The second area is “specialties”. The products involved are really different from one another, that’s why more sophisticated technologies are required. The most used CDR centrifugal pumps in this sector are UTS, UTN, XTN, XTS and UCL.

UTS pumps are made of stainless steel and are recommended for H24 process. UTS guarantee high performance both with high and low temperature, covering a range from – 100° Celsius to 300°.Inox feet are realized with a whole melting to guarantee the best load resistance and best alignment pump-motor.

UTN are process pumps designer for continuing service H24, especially the PFA lined version which guarantees a wide compatibility with the fluids used for fertilzer production.

The new magnetic drive pumps XTS and XTN are designed to pump fluids with particles in suspension, those kind of fluids are typical of fertilizers production (slurry). The greatest advantage is the zero emission. The X series is realized with innovative technologies with the aim to improve performance, safety and reliability of the chemical process.

UCL is a lined centrifugal pump with mechanical seal, which we manufacture with lining in PFA , PVDF or PP. Thanks to the lined wet parts, UCL pumps are perfect to handle corrosive and dangerous fluids. The lining minimum thickness is 4-5 mm. UCL pumps can mount single or double mechanical seals. Thanks to their modular design, those pumps mount a stainless steel shaft covered with PFA shaft sleeve.

centrifugal pump for fertilizer processing