Detergent has a wide range of uses, both domestic and industrial. Detergents are chemical composites dedicated to clean any kind of surface. These are composed by surfactant, bleach (sodium hypoclorite and hydrogen peroxide), enzymes, solvents (ethanol, isopropanol and ammonia) and other ingredients like fragrances and colourants.

The CDR pumps recommended for this process are CCL in polypropylene and the ETN EVO in polypropylene as well. The CCL pump is a centrifugal pump lined with polypropylene and equipped with a mechanical seal. The CCL pump is lined with polypropylene and mount a mechanical seal. ETN EVO is a magnetic drive pump, the shaft’s turning motion is transmitted to the impeller by the magnetic coupling. The external magnet is integral with the motor so it drags the internal magnets which is integral with the impeller, without a direct contact but taking advantage of the attraction/repulsion principle. The isolation shell guarantees the complete insulation from the external environment.

ETS is a magnetic drive centrifugal pump with a micro-melted AISI 316 steel casing, highly resistant to corrosion, and an isolation shell in Hastelloy-C 276 to reduce Eddy Current. This type of pump is available in close coupled version, suitable for B5 motors. This pump is suitable for all those application which requires metallic pumps.

centrifugal pump for detergents processing