The basic chemical processes are realized using different centrifugal pumps such as UCL, UTN-BL, UTS, XTS, ETN EVO, ETS.

UCL is a lined centrifugal pump with a mechanical seal, we do manufacture lined pumps in PFA , PVDF o polypropylene. Thanks to the covering placed onto every wet part, UCL are perfect to handle corrosive and dangerous fluids. The lining minimum thickness is 4-5 mm. UCL pumps can mount single or double mechanical seals. Thanks to their modular design, those pumps mount a stainless steel shaft covered with PFA shaft sleeve.

For H24 processes it is necessary to use magnetic drive pump UTN BL in polypropylene, or in PFA or PVDF if a wider range of chemical compatibility is needed.

The ETN EVO is perfect for not-continuous services like tanks’ charge/discharge. ETN EVO offers the advantages of a lined pump at a very affordable price. This pump can mount bushings in diamond coated silicon carbide to solve the problem of run dry, a huge issue during charge/discharge operations.

The UTS centrifugal pump is recommended for continuous processes, to treat organic solvents and for thermoregulation up until 300° Celsius. ETS is recommended for non-continuous services, great value for money, suitable for a maximum flow of 25 m3/h. XTS is a magnetic drive metallic pump designed to handle fluids with particles in suspension. Those kind of fluids are very common in the basic chemical industry.

centrifugal pump in chemical processing