Several abatement systems are employed to reduce the amount of polluting substances released in the air. Those systems, called Scrubbers, are essential for industries, which produce a huge amount of pollution and disperse it in the air. A scrubber is a device which allows industries to reduce the concentration of substances present in a gaseous flow, like particulate and micro-pollutant. Those devices are placed inside plants’ air purification systems.

Pumps recommended for these kind of applications are centrifugal pumps CCL, ETN, STN, XTN.

CCL pump is the mechanical seal centrifugal pump recommended for this kind of treatment. It can mount different type of mechanical seals and it is recommended for industrial applications which requires a polypropylene lined pump. The shaft sleeve has a stainless steel core lined with polypropylene; in case of mechanical seal leakage it is possible to replace the shaft sleeve only without replceing the impeller, reducing in this way the maintenance costs.

Costs have been reduced replacing some lined components with machined ones. CCL centrifugal pumps can handle dirty fluids with small particles. STN and ETN can be also successfully used for air treatment, the advantage is that these pumps are cheaper.

The New XTN is recommended as well. It is a lined which is perfect to pump fluids with particles in suspension. It has been designed through innovative technologies with the aim to improve efficiency, safety and reliability.

centrifugal pump for air treatment processes