Synthetic resins, adhesives and synthetic gums are produced to be used in different fields, such as construction industry, automotive, molds for foundry. The pumps recommended are UTS, XTN, XTS, ETN EVO.

UTS is a high efficiency single stage centrifugal pump, can be monobloc or bareshaft. UTS pumps are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and equipped with oil bracket support recommended for H24 applications. Magnets can be made of neodymium boron iron or samarium cobalt depending on the fluid’s temperature. The Hastelloy-C 276 isolation shell guarantees high resistance to corrosion and minimum heat dispersion due to eddy current. UTS is employed with success to those processes which require a heating jacket, like for anhydride ftalic which can reach a temperature of – 140° Celsius.

XTS is a magnetic drive pump perfect to move fluids with particles in suspension. The greatest advantage is the zero leakage. XTN is lined in PFA.

The ETN EVO is a magnetic drive centrifugal pump lined with PP or Teflon.

centrifugal pump for adhesive processing